As you are aware, we are in the process of selling our house. I have been to my fair share of house inspections, but never before have I sold a house. Actually, let me clarify that, never before have I sold a house with three children, under the age of five, living in it. Not only do I feel like I am living in a display home, but I also feel displaced. I look on the walls and there are no pictures of my family. On the sink there are no dishes and in the bathroom there are crisp, white towels hanging on the rails which I have never used to dry myself. It is tricky enough keeping a handle on the piles of “things” my husband leaves everywhere, but when you spend hours cleaning the house, neatly stacking books on the bookshelf and carefully arranging the dolls house furniture to mirror your own anally clean home, it is soul destroying to discover your eldest children have been quietly following behind you and messing everything up. Even the baby did a vomit on the carpet. That is why, this week I am grateful for superglue. Just a little dab on my kids’ bottoms, feet and hands and *presto* they stay securely fastened in place for hours at a time. It is a truly marvellous product and I must say I am very proud of my ingenuity. Superglue, I love you.

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