I was interviewed by the gorgeous Carole Whitelock on ABC 891 this week. The topic was blogging. My heart was beating out of my chest and my mouth was sandpaper-dry. I cursed myself for not bringing in a bottle of gin to calm my nerves. Having previously worked in radio news you’d think I’d be fine, but there’s something about going live which gets your pulse racing!

Here’s a recording of the interview taken by my husband.


He put his iPhone against the speakers of his car and recorded it while looking after the three kids. Miss 4 The Cat listened excitedly for a few minutes, while watching me on the webcam. When I didn’t respond to her repeated attempts to say hello to me, she got bored and rushed off to do craft. I don’t blame her, an interview about blogging wouldn’t have been my cup at tea at her age either. The 2yo Teenager and the Chilled-out Baby, slept right through it!

I had the best time. I loved the rush. I did, however, have to listen back to the recording later in the afternoon as I had no memory of what I’d actually said during the interview. All I could hear was my heart thumping. The nerves took a glass of champagne to calm down, but not before I tried to unlock a stranger’s car, forcing me to go bright red, niggle nervously and do a skid in my Toyota as I sped away.

Despite swearing to myself, as I walked into the studio, that I would never do radio again, I loved it. And yes, I would jump at the chance to do it again. I’m grateful for the opportunity.

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