I feel like this week has dragged on and on. With it has been this overriding feeling of grumpiness. As I explained to Twiggy the other day: “I just feel like stabbing someone in the eyeball”.  His reply: “That’s nice dear”. I am even shitty at being shitty as there is no clear reason for any of it. Things are ticking along nicely, kids are happy, work is going well, even our subdivision plans, that have been sucked into the vortex of bureaucracy for the past four years, look like finally being approved. I’ve started pilates, gone shopping, had some much needed time out, yet still I feel like ripping someone’s arms out of their sockets. Sounds harsh? I suppose a little, but I’m grateful it’s only an urge, not something I’d actually follow through with! I think the angry vibe is a result of having just finished breastfeeding, waiting for the curse to rear it’s ugly head and post-pregnancy hormones possessing my body. Hopefully I return to my normal sarcastic, only slightly grumpy, self soon.

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