This week I’m grateful for my washing machine.

Every day I wash. Towels, sheets, clothes, clothes and more clothes. In Winter, it’s jumpers and jeans. In Summer, it’s ice cream covered tank tops and sandy bathers. It is never ending. This is what it looks like.

I’m forever thankful I don’t have to wash using this.

Luckily, I have a washing machine. Sometimes though, I do wonder what it would be like if someone like this came to do my washing.

He may be hot, shirtless and washing, but I bet I’d still have to pick all his clothes off the bedroom floor and then, when washed, I’d still have to sort them all out and put them all away. Even in my fantasies I can’t help think I’d still be swamped by washing. Maybe, I should be more imaginative about what I wish for? I’m sure I would, if I didn’t have so much washing to do.

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