This week I’m grateful for keepsakes for our girls.

When Baby 1 was born we decided we wanted to do a funny photo of her and Twiggy in front of this horrid, yet very groovy, wallpaper in our now-renovated bathroom. As we had a newborn, he hadn’t shaved for ages so we decided a 70’s theme would be best, complete with handle-bar moustache.
This is the photo.

It was so fun doing the shoot, we decided then and there that for each child we would pick a different theme and do a special photo. It helps Twiggy is a photographer.

Then came Baby 2 and as we’d been living in the Hills for awhile we thought it best to pay homage to the country. This is the photo.

And then, you guessed it, all that fresh country air, we had Baby 3. By this time, we were so tired from not getting any sleep and were nuttier than ever. Bundy become one of Twiggy’s friends, you know one you see every now and then. So, we thought we’d show it some love back. This is the photo.

Every time I look back at these photos I laugh and I know one day the girls will too. It beats the usual baby pictures and will make fantastic keepsakes.

When the girls are a bit older we want to take a “special” photo of them with me. We’re thinking a group shot, but we can’t work out what to do. Any ideas?

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