This week I’m grateful for Christmas magic.

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the house,
the kids are excited, they think Santa’s grouse. 

Ok, I’ll stop there. Poetry is not my strong suit. What I do want to say is, I love the week leading up to Xmas. I love the anticipation of Xmas, the excitement. I love taking the kids to see the Xmas lights. A special night time adventure, their eyes twinkling in the darkness, the joy when we stop for ice creams and the soft sounds of snoring as we pull into the driveway.

I love the night before Xmas. The earnest faces as we put hay, carrots and water out for the reindeers. The knowing looks exchanged with Twiggy when we discuss if Santa would prefer Bundy, beer or milk with his biscuit. Softcock, I whisper under my breath if milk is chosen.

I love tucking the kids into bed and whispering: “You better go straight to sleep so Santa can come and slide down the chimney to drop off your presents”. The giggles we hear as we close the door.

I love sitting with my husband and wrapping the kids presents, listening out for footsteps in the hallway. High fiving once the gifts are safely away from prying eyes. Stuffing lollies into their stockings. Throwing hay around the ground, chewing up bits of carrots, leaving crumbs on the table, drinking the milk.

I love lying in bed and listening out for the bells on Santa’s sleigh. I still believe in the magic. Do you?

Merry week before Xmas xx

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