This week I’m grateful for bottles.

Not these types of bottles, although I do love what’s inside them.

This morning I am much more grateful for these types of bottles.

As I have three children under four years old, I have engaged in A LOT of breastfeeding in the past few years. In fact, I still am. Earlier this week, I thought Baby 3 would never let anything else pass her lips  except for my nipples. I thought I was destined to only be away from said children in two hour increments, never to be alone for an afternoon for months, but this week she finally let my Husband feed her from a bottle. It was a great moment for me, a freeing moment. I nearly cried from sheer excitement. On the flip side, it was not such a good moment for Twiggy. It now means I will be able to go out and drink these…

… and then sleep in, while he has to get up and feed the baby. Hooray, for me, hooray for a Husband who will now be able to share the baby feeding load and hooray for bottles.

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