I am very proud of this kid today. Last night was her kindy Xmas concert. For the time yesterday she actually participated in a kindy activity – singing and practicing the actions in preparation for the big event. The kindy staff were so excited that finally the child who hasn’t spoken all term finally looked like she was having fun.

But when it was time to get on stage with her classmates, she lost her nerve. For the first part of the concert, Twiggy sat with her. And for the second part, I sat with her.

Then it happened. I whispered in her ear: “Maybe this song you could pretend there’s no-one watching and just sing it to me. Be brave.” And she did. I could see her eyes, so full of fear, start to soften. I small smile built up inside her.

I looked out into the audience and locked eyes with my husband. His smile was wide. He was so proud of her. I was so proud of her. And most importantly, she was proud of herself.

And that my friends is what being a parent is all about. The little moments that really are so, so big.

Have you had any lately?

bigwords x