My love Twiggy turned 40 this week and we were lucky enough to be able to escape for a couple of days to the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide.

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We made sure it wasn’t just about the destination – it was how we got there and back home that also mattered. The trip was short, but we crammed a lot in. The journey mattered. You know, like life. It’s not about your age, it’s the adventure of getting there that counts. When you’re young and you think your 40th is going to be one big party and the reality is you open your presents in bed with your kids crowded around you. You’re tired. You might have even slept on the couch because your kids pushed you out of your own bed. You’re probably feeling a little out of shape or have greys sprouting up in the strangest places. You know you have to get up quickly before the kids get too hungry and start complaining about the lack of food in front of them. Your day will be like most other days, they all roll into one. Demands, work pressures, meal planning and household chores. Your 40th will be like most other days. There is no party. There is no staying out until 4am drinking shots and fumbling around in your wallet for spare change to pick up a burger. There is no surprise trip to a fancy location with all of your friends. There is no super expensive present wrapped in a bow. You get up, get the kids’ breakfast, go to the loo, think about all the things you’d rather be doing – traveling through Europe, dining in Italy, shopping in New York, exploring Japan. So many cool things, if life had been different. And then you stop and look around you – at your home, your beautiful children and your life seems pretty bloody good. You’re lucky. The journey to this point has been the most amazing ride you’d ever imagined. Everywhere else pales into insignificance. In fact, you’d rather be right here because right here is perfect.

This is 40.

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Happy Birthday Twiggy

Bianca x