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I recently wrote this blog post about gambling. I wanted people who may be in a spiral of problem gambling or have a loved one who is to know that it’s ok to seek help, that they are not alone. The message: You’re stronger than you think.


Following on from the blog post I hosted a blog forum on my Facebook page about the same issue. I asked this:

Did you know that problem gamblers find it hard to reach out for help for fear of judgment? What would be your message of support to someone who is scared to take the first step?

The responses were amazing. Here are some of them:

Kim-Marie wrote:

“It isn’t easy to ask for help. Addiction in any form is difficult for all concerned. But I would say to someone that the journey to anywhere always starts with a single step. Asking for help is brave. The sooner you seek help the sooner you start the healing process.”

Danielle wrote: “Creating a safe space to talk about your issues is so important. Addiction is so difficult on everyone involved and it takes a lot of support to get well.”

Carolyn wrote: “I think the element of shame is such a heavy burden and actually admitting out loud to someone can be an enormous relief. The first step is the hardest but so worth it.”

I want anyone out there who feels trapped by their addiction or the addiction of a loved one to know there is confidential and free support out there. Please start the year off making the changes you so desperately want for yourself. You can do it. All Gambling Help services are free.

People who take their first step to recovery are amazing and should never feel shame. Nor should people judge them. Everyone’s fighting their own battles. Not everyone is brave enough to fight for their happiness. There is support out there for those that do take that first step.



Pick up the phone and call:

Gambling Help: 1800 858 858 or visit the website:

Ask for help. You are not alone.

Bianca x