I always start off so well, with great intentions. I’d say 1 out 5 times I stick to it. The other 4 times I succumb. Yes, I am going on about grandiose healthy eating intentions – AGAIN.

This is where I come unstuck – every single time. CARBS.

These are my downfalls.

The creamier the better.
I can get 12 for under $2 at my supermarket.
Butter like cheese, people. Butter like cheese.
Chocolate, smothered in chocolate. Just add King Island double cream.
Fried fatty goodness.
Curry pies are the best.
Nothing like covering lean veal with carbs and frying.
Ice cream in any form.
So much cheese, so little time.
I’m struggling to break the cycle. I need professional help. I need a Carb Exterminator. I need to call in the Gutbusters. I need a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine. Anyone?
What are your downfalls?
bigwords x