If I could, I’d dress my family in costumes and take Xmas photos like this one (above), but I have a feeling I’ll have to ease them into it. In the meantime, I’ll just have to be happy with scrolling through the Awkward Family Photos website. I look at it over and over and each time I laugh and laugh.

This year we thought we’d do our own. We’ve started small, with me buying the whole family Christmas t-shirts. Twiggy’s has a picture of a Dj-ing Santa with the words: “Santa’s In Da House”. Mine has “Ho Ho Ho” across the boobs. Very appropriate.

The thing is, these ideas never go to plan and the first photo, which was meant to be the nice family one, I think is almost the funniest, almost. Let’s just say Miss 2 was freaked out and Miss 4 was not keen.

And then after a quick change.

Every time I look at the photos I laugh. I can’t wait until next year. One day there will be costumes, I just know it.

Have you taken a funny family photo?

bigwords x