And the two lucky winners of the bigwords’ 1st Birthday Giveaway are drum roll please… da da da da da dum dum dum da da da…

Double high five, splits in the air and twirl around Corinne from the lovely and Miss Hip Little One from the hip YOU’VE WON!! Yehaaar!!

You have both won one year’s supply of Kleenex loo paper! That’s calculated as a roll per person x five in the house x 52 weeks equalling 260 rolls. It’s then rounded up a bit, so for Kleenex Cottonelle Long Roll it comes to 288 rolls. That’s 288 rolls of loo paper each, baby! You’re welcome!

Please contact me with your email address so I can arrange delivery of your shit load of loo paper.
       A big thank you to everyone who entered. There were so many great entries it was really hard for us to pick the winners. And a big, big thank you to the team at Kleenex for being so generous. xx