Seriously, someone invented this. Someone thought making a wine cask which looks like a “designer” hand bag would be a super excellent idea.

“All the chicks will love it”, a very stupid person declared in the marketing meeting. “Soon, they’ll all want one.”

No, we won’t all want one.

Firstly, it is ugly.

Secondly, it is ugly.

And thirdly, it is ugly.

But aside from that very obvious flaw, it is also stupid.

And it is too small.

Everyone knows that no woman would be caught with an ugly, stupid bag that couldn’t hold their booze as well as their make-up and their wallet and their phone and their kid’s snacks and a spare pair of knickers and their sunglasses and 15 scrunched up dockets and 12 half-used coffee loyalty cards and 3 lipsticks and a bottle of nail polish and a half eaten cookie and a box of tampons and some tissues and “somewhere in the bottom where you can never find them” car keys. Etc etc etc etc etc.

This is why the hand bag cask will never work.

What we need is a pull-along, wine cask trolley. One which keeps the vast amounts of wine chilled, yet also holds all our handbag contents, plus a pair of headphones so we can not hear our children asking for “something to eat”, plus some chocolate, plus a snuggie, plus a “rabbit”, plus some yummy cheese, plus a good book, plus a chocolate self-saucing pudding, plus a pull out bed and a photo of Ryan Gosling… topless.

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What would you put in your trolley?

bigwords x