It got off to a shaky start, literally. The plane Twiggy and I were passengers on shook from side to side and twice I was lifted from my seat as the plane plunged in the ferocious winds. I burrowed by head into Twiggy’s side, grabbed his arm and repeatedly whispered: “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”, until the plane touched down in Sydney. It was the first flight I’ve been on where everyone, including the crew, broke into spontaneous applause on arrival.

Our traveling companions, who we met at the airport, experienced a similar flight from Melbourne, except their airline forgot to put their luggage on their flight and so we then had to wait an hour for their bags to arrive. I’d love to say the journey to our friend’s wedding in The Wang (Burrawang, in country New South Wales) was smooth sailing from that point, but it wasn’t. Let’s just say there was a car sickness vomit (not my own) and a three hour journey on a gridlocked highway. It took one hour to drive 13kms. Just for the record, the return journey took one-and-a-half hours.

But it was all worth it. We were kid-free people.

And the Southern Highlands were gorgeous. I have never seen so many manicured Vogue Living country properties ever. I have also never seen so many families who colour coordinated their outfits’ accent colour. To the family who chose neon pink as the colour of choice – you were SO RICH. From the neon pink cashmere cardigan neatly tied around the father’s shoulders to his teenage daughter’s neon pink Nikes and the mother’s matching designer bag and lipstick – you won the Saturday morning fashion stakes, of the entire world.

The weekend away was one of laughter, decadence and joy.

Here’s me catching up with the gorgeous BabyMac.

A group of us stayed at her local pub, where I had the best Roast of the Day ever.

And after many pints of a beer and a Bailey’s night cap, we awoke to blue skies and boarded a bus to the most stunning wedding venue ever.

There we were very lucky to share the special moment of a new family forming. To celebrate, the 50 or so guests rolled 20 bottles of Moet in 20 minutes. Impressive. Then we ate the most delicious wedding cake ever. I mean that. I ate at least five pieces. I was not alone in my gluttony.

And don’t get me started on the guest list. The groom’s family and friends were so welcoming. Even the groomsmen were multi talented at cage fighting, handstands and freestyle rap. The beautiful bride was French and her family traveled from Sydney, France and Brazil to attend. Collectively they were the most stunning looking, charismatic and sweetest family I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The most gorgeous couple in the room award went to this couple. He is a celebrity chef, she is an actress. They just oozed kindness.

The second most attractive couple in the room (bride and groom excluded) were of course us.

And then there was this dude.

Best wedding ever, aside from Twiggy’s and mine of course.

How was your weekend?

bigwords x