Oh look, there’s Prince William and Catherine hanging out at Maddam Tussauds. They look eerily staid and stiff, just like in real life. Now tourists can waste hours of their life lining up to get photographs taken with them, just so they can go back to their loved ones and say: “Here we are with the Royals, not really, ha ha ha ha”.

Each wax figure cost $232,000 and took, a team of experts, four months to make the realistic replica of a real life person. That’s $464,000 to replicate reality.

How about this for real.

Here’s a Nigerian mother cradling her 14-month-old son Lamyne who is being treated for severe acute malnutrition. This is realistic. This in fact is real.

This just doesn’t fit well with me at all. None of it.

But there’s hope, with aid agencies on the ground doing all they can to provide access to healthcare, fresh water and food. World Vision Niger aims to assist 79,950 people through a variety of programs. My friend and fellow Australian blogger Eden is in Africa with World Vision as I write this. You can follow her journey here and donate here.

World Vision isn’t alone in providing hope. Oxfam is also taking donations here so to is Plan here and Red Cross here

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see money and time spent more wisely, with more heart? Imagine how many people’s lives would be changed. Now that’s real.

bigwords xx