Today my eldest girl turns 5-years-old. I can’t believe my little Valentine’s flower baby is all grown up.

Happy Birthday gorgeous – I love you to the moon and back and then back to the moon and then back…you get my drift. Wishing you a life full of love, adventures, laughter and everything your heart desires. You fill my heart with immense joy, beautiful girl.

Love Mum xx

Oh, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day the most gorgeous Glowless asked me to link up to her I Love Me linky and say what I most love about myself. So, here goes it. I love me for growing three of the most amazing children in the world. When I look into their eyes at all the hope they store inside I feel so very lucky. I love me, because I want them to always love themselves. In fact, I even get them to kiss their reflections in the mirror! You need to love yourself in order to love others fully. Well, that’s what I think anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day lovers out there. Now, go kiss yourself. xx