I have a three-year-old in my house who I’m worried is developing a warped sense of gender roles.

For example, on a recent walk to pick her older sister up from Kindergarten, we had this conversation.

Miss 3 – Mums just buy stuff from the shop and put it on their face and look in the mirror.
Me – What else do Mums do?
Miss 3 – Nothing
Me – What do Dads do?
Miss 3 – They go to Rock School with all the other Dads.

So, I just asked her today if Mums work. Her reply: “No, Mums play games, they go to Mums gym class and they go to the couch shop to get more couches. That’s all. Have you seen my cat and can you get me something to eat now?”.

We must remember she is the same child who demanded I take her and her sisters to the airport and “put us on a Jetstar plane to Lolly Land”.

What do your kids think Mums and Dads do?