This little kid here is our three year old, from today. She’s the third kid to turn three in our family. Three years ago she was placed in my arms. “It’s a girl,” our amazing doctor told us. I remember my heart bursting, changing its structure and reforming. Children do that, they change your heart forever.

Of our three children she was the only one we didn’t know the sex of prior to her birth. Our third child, our third girl. Our planned surprise.¬†When she joined our family we had a three-year-old and a nearly two-year-old. We had no idea how we’d go.

The past three years have been, at times, gruelling. They have not flown by. While blessed and rewarded, it’s been hard for us. Three kids, running a business from home, shifting house, stretching finances, broken sleep, health issues, juggling, juggling, juggling. Short fuses. Our marriage has been twisted and pulled. Anyone who thinks having children will save their relationship is clutching at straws. Luckily, we went into this without such misguided expectations. We have a strong foundation. It’s like concrete. That’s not to say there aren’t a few knocks and scuffs, but man, we’ve done well.

Today, we looked at are youngest girl and marvelled at how amazing she is. A smart, intuitive, funny, bold, single-minded, kind and captivating child. She slots right in with confidence and self assuredness. Our little team of five fits together like a jigsaw.

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl. You were the last piece of our puzzle. Without you, we’d never be complete.

Is your family complete?

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