Photobombing elephant

Photobombing elephant

Sometimes my head is clear and my thoughts neatly line up. I know what I want to achieve and everything is methodical. However, most days my brain is whirling, disconnected thoughts rush to the surface and disappear again just as quickly. Sometimes, I feel unsettled by my lack of focus, other days I embrace it.

Recently, I had one of those days my thoughts darted all over the place like kids in a play cafe. Here are just some of the things I said, some of them to myself, some of them to others.

– I think my undies are two sizes too small for me.

– Why is there a butterfly sticker on my foot?

– I need to find a cure for nut allergies.

– I want wine.

– Your child and my child reckon they are going to get married. I think we should encourage them to elope so it doesn’t cost us too much.

– Are the microphone’s on? I’m paranoid of saying something bitchy and everyone hearing it on the radio.

– Three pieces of Fritz, thanks.

– Stop hitting your sisters.

– No, you can’t have something to eat.

– I just don’t understand how the government thinks it’s ok for kids to live in detention centres?

– Why the fuck am I watching this Danoz Direct show?

– Are people really that stupid? They need to learn how to drive properly. Assholes.

– Go and find your Dad and tell him you have poo.

– I grew you, that’s why you’ll do as I say.

– I think I might get some more ink on my wrist.

– Should I go for a walk or sit here and watch a show on my computer? I think I’ll just sit here.

– While you’re down there…

– Can you pick up some milk and bread?

– Perhaps I’ll buy a new pillow for the couch or maybe a throw. Mmmmm…decision, decisions.

– Wouldn’t it be great if we won the lottery.

– Maybe we could move somewhere else if Tony Abbott wins the election?

– Why are there so many wankers in the world?

– Do you reckon you could live in a caravan?

– I love you.

– I think Schnitzel, mash and peas is my most favourite meal ever.

– That’s it, I’m counting to five.

– Are you serious? I’m reading my book in bed. How is this sexy to you?

– So, can I go to bed now?

– Great, now I can’t sleep. Maybe I’ll check Twitter?


This goes on and on and on.

What are some of the things you think during the day?

bigwords x