These are some of the things I do which make me me. It’s a short list, but I could go on all day.

* I eat all the chocolate off the outside of a Mars Bar and then the nougat, leaving me with a gooey caramel mess. I also eat all the crust off my toast first. Same goes for a plate of food, I eat it in order of what I like least to most.

* I can’t go to sleep without first making sure all my pillows on the couch are neatly placed and my kettle is facing in the right direction. It’s not a condition, I just like things in their right place. I feel calmer that way.

* I can not leave pimples un-popped. Just can’t do it.

* I always have a full toilet roll holder – four rolls fit neatly, anything less is lacking. And don’t get me started on which way the toilet roll should hang. This is the correct way.

* Every morning I ask one of my children to pull my finger and then I fart. Every morning.

* I always start the year with a vow to remove my makeup before bed and it always lasts one day. On a similar vein, I don’t leave the house without putting mascara on (sometimes it is applied over the top of the previous day’s mascara).

* I cry every time I hear Alicia Key’s song If I Ain’t Got You, even if I am standing in the supermarket aisle buying groceries. Can’t stop myself. And I always sing along in my best Axl Rose voice to every Guns N’ Roses song wherever I am. My whistling along to Patience is pretty darn amazing. I’m not afraid to say it’s top notch. In fact, I live for their songs to come on, but nothing from Chinese Democracy – that album was crap and it’s not Guns N’ Roses without Slash.

* Pepperoni pizza is always my first topping choice and so too is pepper sauce on a schnitzel, but never with capsicum because that is wrong. And when it comes to Gelato – coffee and lemon all the way baby.

* I can not swim in any water without thinking a shark will eat me, even pools. I blame Jaws, James Bond and a recurring dream I have where I have to swim lengths of a dark, shark infested pool. I get all freaked out and have to do that weird scurrying swim to the shallow end. It’s embarrassing for everyone around me, but not me. In my head it’s survival.

* I would always pick a Kingston over a Tim Tam. Always.

* And I would rather watch a Tony Abbott press conference than sit through a cricket match. And that’s saying something.

What are some of the things you do?

bigwords x