(Photo: custom-made necklace designed for me by http://www.etsy.com/shop/dandelyne)

After what had been a night of a few too many Spanish bubbles and many laughs with a great friend of mine for her birthday I was lolling about in bed this morning willing myself not to be hungover. You know how you lay there and don’t open your eyes until you’re ready to face the morning. Somehow you think if you keep your eyes closed it will keep the hangover at bay!

Anyway, I could hear my husband scurrying around the kitchen. I could hear him and the girls creep past our bedroom door out into the front garden. I could hear him instructing the girls to pick flowers. I could hear the obligatory screaming and fighting among the girls. I could smell baking. And then I knew what was going on. You see, he will be working on Mother’s Day and knows how much I enjoy it. Well, he knows how much I enjoy absolving myself of any mothering duties.

And then they came, one by one sneaking into my room. My eldest, Miss L told me not to come out to the kitchen. She assured me nothing was going on, definitely not any impromptu breakfast making. Then our middle child, Miss E came in to tell me there was a surprise Mother’s Day breakfast being made, but I wasn’t meant to know and here put these novelty sunglasses on until the surprise came. Then the youngest waddled in and threw a handful of cookie cutters on my chest.

Then, last of all, came my gorgeous husband with a plate of homemade scones, with jam and freshly whipped cream, a cup of tea and a tiny vase of flowers from our garden. It was perfect.

Being a Mum isn’t always homemade scones and freshly picked flowers, sometimes it’s burnt fish fingers and tantrums. Being a Mum is anything but perfect. Being a mum is a roller coaster and sometimes I just want to get off the ride, but it’s thrilling, makes my heart thump and my soul laugh. Being a Mum is the best darn ride in the world. I am so very lucky.

Happy Mother’s Day,
bigwords x