Even film stars have embarrassing school photos.

That is why today I held my ground with my 5-year-old who was determined to wear a scunchie in her hair.

“But it will look pretty,” Miss 5 reasoned.

“No, no a scrunchie is not your best option,” I replied tentatively. She is 5 she has a tendency to win arguments in our house because it’s easier that way. “No, you will not be wearing a scrunchie in your school photo. You will thank me later.”

Instead, I pulled a bit of hair back and tied a gorgeous blue ribbon in it.

*insert photo of her looking gorgeous here* *she refused* *I let her her win that battle*
I just wish my Mum had stepped in when I went to school photo day on these days.
What was I thinking?
And just to make me feel better, here’s some pics of our Prime Minster when she was at school. 
And again, George Clooney.
Jokes aside I want to leave you with this.
Overheard this morning at school drop-off. Boy in Miss 5’s class: “Look at everyone all ready for school photos. Oh My God, look at Miss 5. I can’t take my eyes off of her”.
And so it begins.
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bigwords x