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It’s Showtime again soon! I can’t believe it rolls around so quickly. Each year wooshes past and before I know it I start salivating at the thought of Dagwood Dogs and hot cinnamon donuts. They are truly my favourite part of going to the Royal Adelaide Show.

You see, the show has always been high on my agenda. When I was a little girl my Mum made a decision that because my birthday was at showtime I’d alternate between a big show year and a birthday party. This year I’ll be 40 when I go to the show and I’ll have my three girls with me. When did that happen? When did I become this grown-up?

I still get the same feeling of excitement when I pass through the show gates. I still get a flutter of anticipation. I love the sounds of the sideshows, the smell of cattle,  the squeals of the kids when they’re wandering around the Show Bag hall, but mostly I look forward to biting into one of these.


There are approximately four hundred million calories in each one and possibly no actual “real” food content, but I LOVE THEM. I will eat more than one.

And once we’ve visited all our favourite spots – the pigs, the woodchopping, the carousel, the dogs, the cats, the show bag hall, the dairy food hall and the farm yard nursery. And once we’ve looked at all the arts and crafts and put some balls down some laughing clowns throats for a stuffed toy, then and only then, we will walk back home so the kids can swap all the stuff they don’t like in their show bags and I will sneakily get a few treats for myself.

And once the kids have collapsed in bed from over exhaustion then, with a glass of wine in hand, Twiggy and I will sit on our porch and watch the fireworks. That’s how close we live to the show grounds.

I will yell out “blue, blue, blue” each time the fireworks cracker shoots into the sky – just like I did when I was a little kid all those many years ago. And Twiggy will say something about “showing me some fireworks” later.

It’s the same every year – that’s what I adore. The certainty. The joy.


To celebrate my love of the show I have an extra cool Royal Adelaide Show Family Value Pack to give away to one lucky Adelaide reader. It includes four tickets, a car parking pass, Showbag vouchers, $40 discounted ride coupons and meal vouchers for four people. You’ll need to be based in Adelaide to win this prize. I’ll announce a winner on Monday August 19. Feel free to share this with your friends and encourage them to like Bianca Wordley’s Bigwords Facebook Page too!

Tell me what your favourite show memory is and you might win?

bigwords x


My family is attending this year thanks to the Royal Adelaide Show