After what has been a super manic month, my husband and I decided a road trip was in order. We needed to get out of our house, leave our life behind and take off for a mini-break. We needed to recharge our souls.

All our regular “last minute holiday options” were booked so we chanced it on a holiday home down south in the little coastal town of Normanville. We lucked out. The place was situated within a tidy-town holiday park, which was largely empty. It had a gorgeous resort-style pool, a central park with old gums and tyre swings and a boardwalk winding through the sand dunes to our own private beach. It was perfect.

We woke to wonderful sunrises, drove through gorgeous farming country and found an amazing nursery in Deep Creek Conservation Park.

The girls had a ball playing games, building sand castles, swimming and getting the quality family time we all craved. We relaxed. We watched the sun rise.

We parked the car on the beach and ate donuts while I worked. What an office!

It might have only been a couple of days, but it gave us all a boost we needed. It cleared the stress and gave us a chance to chillax. It gave me time to breathe, you know real deep breaths. I felt like I’d stopped running. I felt grounded again. Solid.

Do you love road trips as much as me? if you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

bigwords xx