Apparently, I am in a “normal” relationship and because of that I am afforded the right to be married. I have a husband, three gorgeous girls and we even have a white picket fence. I didn’t have to fight for my right to marry. I didn’t have to march the streets pleading my case for protection and recognition under the law. We stood in an olive grove in front of our loved ones and were married by a celebrant. We are now legally bound to not have as much sex as before, argue about finances and have stretches of silence between us like other married couples. I simply can’t understand why people from same sex relationships don’t have the same legal rights. Why can’t they stand in front of their most dearest and be legally bound together in love? Their love is as strong as heterosexual couples. Love is love is love. I could write forever on the subject of equality. It’s time Australia gets with the program. It’s time Australia recognises, rejoices and supports marriage equality. Equal love for all.

So, in my own small way I wanted to show my support. I made an “I Love Equal Love” button for my blog. If you feel the same, I’d love for you to grab it and pop it on your blog too (you can find it on my sidebar). We have a strong voice us bloggers – let’s use it! Equal love for all. xx