So, I took myself, and my family away for a week to the glorious, sleepy seaside town of Streaky Bay. My husband, Twiggy from Archie Five Photography, was taking the photographs at a gorgeous wedding and we tagged along to get in some much needed family time.

You know, it’s not until you strip away the day-to-day that you can truly unwind. It gave me the time to breath. I so desperately needed quiet time, after what’s been a crazy few months. My exhaustion peaked at the Digital Parents Conference which I found quite overwhelming. I really enjoyed the one-on-one times with friends, but the actual conference was just too much for me this year. I had been working so darn hard that when confronted with a room full of overly excited people all jostling for someone’s attention it was just too much. I ended up spending a majority of the night sitting in a toilet cubicle crying. Exhaustion had taken the better of me.

You know how “they” talk about work/life balance, well I have had no balance. I knew as I sat in the loo with mascara running down my cheeks that something had to give. I cut back on my work commitments. I stopped blogging for a short time, I turned off Twitter and Facebook and I got my groove back.

I also wanted time to look at bigwords with fresh eyes. I’ve been blogging along quite nicely, but feel I need a bit more direction. I’ve stagnated. It’s time to shift a gear.

I want to turn this space into a place for my children to use a reference about their own childhood, about my husband and I, but also a place to hear stories about being parents which they may not hear in the mainstream world around them. There’s plenty of places to source the good side of parenting, the tips and tricks, but I want bigwords to be a place parents can share their dark times, their funny times and also revisit their own dreams – the dreams they had before children came into their lives.

I am going to try a few things over coming months and am always up for suggestion for what you’d like to read or what you’d like to contribute to this page. I’d also love some guest posts on different topics, so send me an email or FB message or DM if you’re interested.

bigwords – words for when my kids are big. I hope you’ll stick with me on this journey. xx