So, after a parenting slump I decided it was time I gave myself a swift kick up the arse. First, I got busy and faced all the household chores. I find if my house is clean, my head feels clearer (this is mainly because cleaning is mind numbing).

Then, I arranged some “me time” to get my groove back. Luckily, I have a lovely husband who I blindsided to make it happen!

I booked a visit to the nail salon. I sat outside with a glass of wine watching the world go by (this sounds lovely, but it did take three attempts to hide from my family to achieve that snippet of quiet time).

I went to bed early, watched an episode of True Blood on my iPhone, read a few pages of my book and I even wrangled a sleep-in. Yes, 8.35am is a sleep-in.

I escaped to the local coffee shop and indulged in cheesecake and peppermint tea.

All the while, I quietly watched my family and stopped yelling. I cuddled and kissed their cute cheeks. I laughed at their silly dancing.

But the best bit, was when Miss 3 squatted at my husband’s feet and did a huge shit. I nearly wet my pants. Family, they drive you insane at times, but mostly they make your heart sing and your body shake with laughter like no other.

What does your family do to make you laugh?