I have made a decision. It was not a difficult one to make. I am refusing to let my holidays end. We’ve been back for five days now and still I am struggling to get back into the daily routine of life. Still, I have not blogged about our time in Sunny Darwin. Still, I have not packed a lunch box and sent my eldest to kindy. I have decided that together time is more important for all of us. I fear this will be our last day of eating cereal for dinner and wearing our pjs for hours on end. I fear this will be our last day of “holidays”. I am going to make it a good one. There will be no routine today. There will be chocolate milkshakes. There will be cake and if I have my way there will be takeaway for dinner. So, until I can face the reality that we are no longer on holidays, I can not bring myself to share with you all our holidays escapades. I do not want to write about it in the past tense yet. I can not face that the gorgeously gorgeous, happy happy, HOT and deliriously relaxing family holiday is over. NO. I. WILL. NOT. I REFUSE. OK.