Since I turned 38 (last weekend in case you missed it), I’ve become a rebel of sorts. I am deliberately being daring, naughty, breaking rules and flipping the bird at societal norms.

Take this for example. The recommended daily intake of wine is two glasses ( I don’t know if that’s true, but it works for me). The other night I went all out and consumed a whole bottle. Yep, a whole bottle of the stuff. I think I may have even opened (drunk) the second bottle. Well, it was my birthday and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to GO CRAZY.

Then, I let Miss 4 wag kindy. Yep, that’s right. I asked if she’d rather stay home and play in the garden with her two sisters and eat ice cream in the sun OR if she’d rather have her tired (hungover) mother bundle everyone into the car and battle through the Royal Adelaide Show traffic to get her to kindy where she’d hold onto my leg and scream “please stay for another five minutes” while Miss 1 cried and Miss 3 demanded the other kids “go away” so she could play with their toys. Surprisingly, Miss 4 declined the opportunity to further her social skills and learn valuable educational life lessons and opted for the ice cream.

Then, I ignored the weight restrictions and went on a kiddie ride at the Show. Yep, that’s right, I am finally tall enough to go on a ride and yes, there was a weight restriction (not really). In my head, the sign read: “People who have eaten two Dagwood Dogs, an ice cream, a donut and a bucket of chips are NOT allowed on the tea cup and saucer ride”. Rules, shmules. I went anyway and I squealed like a pig. While the girls giggled and waved at my belly-laughing husband, I was yelling “stop the ride, stop the ride, I want to get off”. I was scared the cup was going to spin off the tiny saucer and wipe out a whole section of terrified onlookers. When the ride stopped, one of the girls’ cousins casually commented “man, your cup was spinning really, really fast”. Yep, it was honey. I blame inertia (whatever that is).

And then, the final act of rebellion. Well, perhaps you could call it a little kinky. Let’s just say it involved sex and fireworks. You see, every night from our bed we can see the Show’s fireworks through our window. A bit of careful (flukey) timing and….

Have you done anything naughty lately?