My husband may be a super amazing photographer, but yesterday he faced his toughest client, ME.
This is me. Just hanging about on the couch. This is what I said to Twiggy when taking this shot: “Where do I look? Have I got a double chin? Should I put my legs like this or like this? Is my hair ok? Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Did you remember to pay the electricity bill? Does my bum look big?”.

Here’s me just sitting in my driveway. Here’s what I said to Twiggy when taking this shot: “Sit on the driveway? I never sit on the driveway. I don’t know if I can sit on the driveway in these jeans? Ooo, ooo, ok I’m sitting down. You do know you’ll have to help me get up again. Is this ok? is my hair ok? Am I looking at the right spot? Does it look like the daisy bush is an afro? Do I look fat? Did I turn the oven off? Does my bum look fat?”.

Here’s me sitting on the couch with the kids. Here’s what I said to Twiggy when taking this shot: “Don’t make me look fat? Can you photoshop my extra chin out? Can you get rid of the pimple on my chin? I don’t look fat do I? Oh man, I wish I wasn’t so fat? Does my lipstick look ok? Miss 5 stop picking your nose? Miss 3 stop pushing your sister? Miss 2 stop licking your sister’s face? Who did a pop off? I don’t look fat do I? Twig does my bum look fat?”.

Miss Three got a little bored thus this series of photos. One in which she started singing: “Shake my bum at the camera”.

Then I shut up for awhile and let him do what he does best. Not that he was listening to a word I was saying anyway!

You can find Twigs’s photos here: He travels everywhere taking photos for businesses, media, magazines and weddings. Luckily his clients are much less whingy than me.

Do you like getting your photo taken?

bigwords x

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