This is the part I have to admit to a problem of mine. I get easily queazy when I am eating. I find it hard to eat in public places and am quite particular about the preparation methods of the food I eat. I can not eat my food without gagging if there are people near me with questionable hygiene, nor do I eat comfortably if I see strangers eating sloppily. It is a strange quirk of mine. It is one my “issues”, so I am unsure why I agreed to go to a lunch when I knew there would be a nose waxing demonstration using the world’s first DIY Nad’s Nose Wax.

I accepted because of the combination of wanting to meet PR identity Max Markson, being inspired by Nad’s founder Sue Ismiel’s business tenacity and the lunch being held at Adelaide’s best Argentinian steak house, Gauchos. Also being a blogger in Adelaide means I am often overlooked for product launches. Here’s a message to PR companies and businesses in the Eastern States, I love flying in planes. Let’s talk. Like Max and I here.

Anyway, lunch got off to a fab start. I listened to Sue’s inspiring words. Seriously, what a woman. Then I chatted to the other guests who all had great stories to tell, all the while¬†salivating about the meal I was about to eat and then¬†this happened right next to me.

There is no doubt this product works. It removes the nose hair painlessly and effectively, but I couldn’t watch beyond that moment. I had to look away. I had to sing: “la la la la la la la” in my head and think of nice things like fairy floss, rainbows and lavender in the Springtime.

Luckily, the gorgeous Grace Bawden got up and sang. I must say her choice of song: “I’m sexy and I nose it”, was a little funny. Just kidding – she sang opera, like an angel.

Then my food came out and it was delicious. And the company was fun. And by the time I was shoving as many hair removal products in my bag as possible afterwards, I’d completely wiped the vision of media identity Quentin getting his nose hair removed. I’ve also wiped the photos from my phone in case they pop up next time I’m eating a delicious meal.

Do you have nose hair?

bigwords x