I believe I’m writing the neverending story. Scrap that. I believe I am writing five neverending stories.

I have become so adept at starting novels, yet I am now pretty certain I can’t finish them. This is a writer’s curse. This is why not everyone who declares “I am writing a book” actually writes a book. I know I will break this curse. I will finish at least one of my novels, no matter how crap it is.

As my friend Kelly so astutely pointed out – fear is holding me back. I am so paralysed that my words will be shit and so scared I will not be able to complete any of my numerous manuscripts – I am self sabotaging. I am wasting my already stretched time. I squander it on Twitter and Facebook. Instead, I must set myself a writing goal and stick to. Even if that means one page a day or one chapter a week. I need to give myself deadlines.

It’s for this reason, I wonder if it’s time I get myself a writing buddy – someone I can share my writing with – instead of tapping away to myself. I need to nominate a day each week I must present to someone a set number of words. I’m just not sure who to ask? I’m not a good asker of people. I worry that everyone’s as bogged down in life’s day-to-day that lumping another chore on them is asking too much. I also wonder if it’s best I don’t share what I write until it’s edited, I could scare someone with the errors. Much like this blog, which I often thump out quickly and send to the universe.

I spend a lot of time talking about this book writing caper. I fear I am not spending enough time putting in the hard yards. How boring it must be for those who actually write books to listen to others complaining about they they can’t see it through to the end. Ho hum. I’m even boring myself.

I started another manuscript today. Maybe this one will be the one I actually finish this time.

Do you have a writing buddy? Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you have a set writing schedule/timetable you could share?

bigwords x