Here’s the thing. There’s these three little people who depend on me. They have the sweetest giggles. The softest skin. Their eyes reflect the sun like glitter.

They think a perfect day is jumping on the trampoline, eating sprinkle donuts, dancing to hip hop music in the lounge room and being taken to bed on their Dad’s shoulders. Life is one big treat.

The responsibility is at times overwhelming; like nothing else I’ve ever encountered. I’ve stood out the front of buildings where thousands of people have been told they’re out of work. I’ve interviewed some of the nation’s richest people, walked through the corridors of London’s Parliament with all its pom and ceremony.

I’ve struggled as two men tried to strangle me in Barcelona, running away with my cash and passport. I’ve faced a life without the knowledge of who my father is and watched my Mum struggle with that, while, with immense love, grace and much skill, raised me alone.

I thought I was prepared to be a mother.

But being a Mum is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and at times it drives me crazy. Motherhood actually makes me feel certifiable at times.

There are times I feel like I am riding the waves of motherhood, standing on my board reaching for the sun. There are times I feel like I am being dragged under the surf, tumbling and fighting for my life.

There’s no certificate for being a mother. There’s no course. I didn’t even know how to change a nappy when my first child was born, let alone how to guide a person from newborn into adulthood.
All I know is, I do my best. All I know is, that even when I’m struggling, my kids need to feel safe and loved.

In my special “The Mother’s Day Post” I wish all the Mums out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Here’s to us all keeping our heads above water and when we feel we’re drowning knowing we can reach out and someone will pull us to safety.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum. Without you choosing me from the universe, I wouldn’t be here to raise my three amazing girls. You are truly an amazing woman and mother. I love you.

You know I watch my children while they are sleeping; sometimes in their clean sheets, sometimes in the sheets I’ve had to sweep the crumbs from and I will them be ok. I will them to survive my style of parenting. And I wonder how many Mums out there feel the same?

love bigwords xx