I was going to write about how I took a blog post down the other morning. And how self censoring my own feelings, because of pressure from others, really bothered me. And how I ended up deciding to put the post back up again and vowed to always trust my instincts and alway stay true to myself. To always listen to my writer’s intuition.

And how if anyone feels like that, that they should always back their convictions and never doubt themselves. How it’s vital as a blogger to write about things that niggle at your heart and to always stay authentic. That I see my role as a blogger to write about my own journey, while also helping others, who may be facing similar dilemmas, to know they are not alone in their own truth.

I also wanted to write about how amazing the blogging community is, how supportive they are and all that jazz, BUT the fact I’ve even had to write about any of that stuff just pisses me off and the whole topic frankly bores me now and I have officially moved on. So, I am not going to write about it.

Instead, I’d much rather talk about melons. You know, boobs. I wanted to write about they come in all different shapes and sizes.

I think whoever put this “guide together” has forgotten a few –

– Lumpy Custard and Leaky Coconuts (when you’re breastfeeding).

– Dolly Partons.

– Bee stings.

– Blowing in the Breezes.

– Coke can holders (you just slip them under each boob).

– Arm rests.

– Lopsided ones.

Mine are lopsided. One is smaller than the other one, or if your prefer to look at it in a glass half full way – one is WAY BIGGER than the other one.

What boobs do you have? Are yours lopsided like mine? 

bigwords xx