This week has been all about the little things and it’s been so darn refreshing. I am over the big things – selling a house, buying a house, moving into the new house, a new kindy for Miss 4 and unpacking the big stuff.

This week it’s been about roast dinners, walking to the playground, planting flowers and hanging our prayer flags.

It’s been about finding a great local hairdresser and my husband riding his bike at night to get us Golden Gaytimes.

It’s been about sitting in the sun drinking champagne with friends and sipping cups of tea out of our new Country Road mugs. It’s about our new fishy tea towel.

It’s been about taking Mum to our “new” local cinema for her birthday; about marvelling at the art deco gem which is the Capri Theatre.

It’s been about discovering the tiles on our doorstep under the ugly green paint.

It’s been about Miss 4 and her pet caterpillar “Catty”. It’s one of the fluffy brown ones which I used to play with as a child. She is convinced there is only one. It gets around.

It’s been about Miss 1 and her obsession with eating dirt off the floor and Miss Nearly 3’s love of sitting in her window sill and watching life pass her by.

It’s been about settling into our new home.