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It was a sad and sorry sight, our old car alone and broken, sitting on the street. Discarded.

Instead, our new car was sitting proudly in our driveway, all shiny and new.

Then I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. The dudes at Kmart Tyre & Auto Service offered to give our car a free service. I jumped at the offer because my heart twanged a little each time we drove past our old car. Our little family, all fighting and screaming at each other within the confines of our new car, the picture of normality, almost mocking the old car. It’s been good to us, it deserved a little love.

The team at the mechanics were professional and friendly. My husband was impressed by the detailed report given over the phone, so that he could choose to not get certain jobs done, instead of being slugged for them unnecessarily. Twig reckons he could do some of the jobs himself, thus saving us a bit of cash. I know this means they will never get done, which will save us on both money and his time.

I have also vowed to learn a little more about the cars we drive.

Most importantly, I am going to learn what the make of the car is. Calling it a “white car” just doesn’t seem detailed enough.

Craig Sinclair, the Pulteney Street KTAS Store Manager, certainly thought it would be a good idea I tried to at least learn the car’s model. Secretly, he hoped I wouldn’t learn much more than that. It’s good for business if I leave the finer details to him and his team.

And on another note, why does my husband leave it to the last minute to get ready? Every time.

bigwords x