I was recently challenged by the gorgeous Cassie of Fly Drunk Monkey to list 10 things about myself you might not know.

Here goes it…

1) I grew up in a Government Housing Commission townhouse.

2) Schnitzel with pepper sauce is one of my top 10 meals. My mum’s homemade trifle is number 1.

3) I count reality television as a necessity. Project Runway, Australia’s Next Top Model, Real Housewives of New York, Rachel Zoe, Flipping Out, Million Dollar Listing… just to name a few.

4) I love singing along to Guns N’ Roses songs and drinking bourbon (from a can).

5) I gave up smoking cigarettes nearly 10years ago. I went cold turkey after learning of the death of a work colleague from cancer. Fuck you cancer.

6) I won a gold medal for the ribbon in my club gymnastics competition when I was in primary school. I still rate myself.

7) I read the radio news in regional South Australia for six months. I sucked, but man it was exhilarating.

8) I tell my kids I love them about 100 times a day. I also tell them to stop asking me for something to eat about 100 times a day.

9) My husband calls me Wordo. He is my best friend.

10) I don’t know my Dad. It’s shaped me, but does not define me.

Can you tell me something about yourself that I don’t know?