First week down and I am EXHAUSTED. I don’t even have to leave my house or do my hair or even get out of my pajamas (except when doing the kindy run!). I do have to stay up late writing and get up early to upload my post and engage with readers on Facebook and Twitter. I am really enjoying it and strangely have found myself developing a routine which involves a new level of organisation even I’m not accustomed to.

For those who know me well, they would understand how much I need order in my life and don’t cope well with things out place. I tend to hide away from the world until I’ve got my head clear. I clean way too much and crave alone time. I haven’t had time to do any of that this week. I feel like I’m just running. ALL.OF.THE.TIME. Now, I just need to find the balance so I can keep sane.

I just want to thank everyone for being patient while I settle into this working thing. Until I find some semblance of work/life balance I’m finding it tricky to blog at bigwords, but I will. I need this space. I crave it.

I also want to ask you all – how do you do it? How do you meet all your commitments and still spend quality time with your family, get the washing done and get out of the house by yourself?

To give you some motivation to help me I’ve arranged for a super cool giveaway.

I’ve arranged for the groovers from Roadshow Entertainment Australia to send one winner a pack of dvds – including the Sarah Jessica Parker movie about a Mum trying to do it all, called I Don’t How She Does It. There’s also some kids movies to keep them occupied while you attempt to “do it”.

For two other winners, I’ve got a $20 gift voucher each for the simply gorgeous online clothing store for little funksters – Hootkid. Here’s the Hootkid Facebook page – please go and like it. The e-shop is the brainchild of Caroline Marvelli – a very savvy and lovely mumpreneur. She’s had years of fashion experience working as a buyer for some of Australia’s largest retailers. I love supporting women who go for it. I bet she’d have some good tips for juggling work and family life and how important it is go for your dreams.

So, I need your help. How do you do it – work, play and chill with your family? Please give me some of your best tips? And remember to leave a way to contact you.

Winners will be announced next weekend.