I was meant to be working the other day. I had a few articles near deadline and I was also writing my second short story for Round 1 of the NY Flash Fiction competition, consequently I had a severe case of writer’s block. Normally when this happens, I clean something. Unfortunately for our nasty, filthy house, I also had cleaner’s block. So, I googled images of other people doing housework. To be precise, I googled images of hot men doing housework. I thought the least I could do was share them with you, my loyal readers.

(this man LOVES dusting, he is loves feathers and I suspect he also loves men, but who said this post was just for the ladies!)
(Okay, this dude is dressed, but any man who vacuums is hot)
(scrub-a-dub-dub, a man in a tub)
(this man is a little tired, he may need to rest for awhile IN YOUR BED)
(this man will get up in the morning and wash the sheets)

(everyone needs a pool boy, even if you don’t have a pool!)

(Reminds me, I need to give me hedge a trim…)

(“mmmm, so what will I cook for dinner tonight?”)
(He is very good with his chopstick)
(In my dreams Matt Damon does a lot of housework. A LOT!)
So, tell me, does a man who does housework turn you on? 
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