This week I am finding mothering a hard slog. The 1yo has spent much of the time crying or having full-blown, possessed-like tantrums. She looks a little like this cutie.

She has been awake for much of each night. My husband and I are tag teaming it, but now we both pretend to be sleeping willing the other to deal with the constant wake-up calls. The other two kids have also been struggling with being 3 and 4. The 3yo is trying to assert her authority so is talking to everyone like she is the Queen and you are her slave. The 4yo is struggling with having too much unstructured time, as kindy is still on holidays, so she is a permanent fixture at Twiggy’s or my side. They are also struggling with starvation. “Can I have something to eat?” is the most annoying question ever. This of course is followed closely by: “Can you push me on the swing?”.

I am exhausted. I am dreaming of faraway places. I am bored out of my brain. I am wishing that I win a child-free holiday to this place.

I am grateful for a couple of freebies thrown my this week which has helped keep my children occupied. The team at Colorific sent this box of stuff – The FairyLites Sticker Dress-Ups, The FairyLites Glitter Window Scenes, Face Paint Minis and Giggles Waddling Ducks.

The girls LOVED the FairyLites Sticker Dress-Ups. Great Xmas gift idea! And of course anything face paint related is always a hit in our house.

And then when I was all crafted out I turned to my trusty friend the dvd player. Luckily, we had also been gifted a selection of fab ABC Kids movies by the groovers at Roadshow Entertainment Australia. They were very clever to include the latest Octonauts movie as my girls LOVE everything Octonauts, in fact they call each other Peso and Kwazii. It gets a little embarrassing when out in public. Unsurprisingly, the girls gave the movies a double thumbs up. All of them.

So, now I sit and wait for more packages to arrive on my doorstep to help me get through the last week of school holidays. Preferably the boxes will include a bottle of gin, a nanny and a pair of these.

How has your week been?