This is Miley Cyrus earlier this year. Very classic.

This is Miley Cyrus now. Very edgy.

There was an uproar.

What has she done? How could she do that to herself? WHY?

Personally, I love it. I think she looks fabulous and hot and happy. She is turning 20yo this year. Why not take risks. She tweeted that her hair cut had helped her feel “more me in my whole life life” and that  she was “feeling so happy in my skin”. Brilliant, I say.

Then it reminded me of when I was the same age.

This is me before my Year 12 formal. I had long locks.

This is me on my 21st birthday.

I had just cut all my hair off. I remember feeling really happy in my skin. I owned my look. I’ve been chasing that feeling for awhile now.

Isn’t it strange how your hair cut can define you. How your hair cut can make or break you?

At the moment, I am sporting a bad home hair dye job. It was meant to be dark brown, but came out black. Does. Not. Suit. Me. Eeeeek. It’ll wash out soon, revealing my numerous grey hairs. Until then, I’ll be struggling with the emo look.

Sometimes I long to be 21yo again.

Do you have a favourite haircut you’re too scared to recreate?

bigwords x