It”s a celebration of sorts in my house today. Today I graduated to putting my gym gear on.

That”s a big deal.

You see, I”ve had them sitting neatly in a pile in my bedroom for about a week now, just in case I find the time to go.

Every day I look at the clothes with good intentions. Every day the pile sits there, unmoved.

So, today I put them on.

Perhaps by the end of the day I might actually take the next casino online step and put my runners on. Wooooaaaahhh, steady up. Little steps people. Let”s just start with the clothes. No need to rush this.

Then when the night draws to a close, I”ll take my gym gear off and put it all in the washing basket, thus giving me an excuse as to why I haven”t gone to the gym yet. “My gym gear”s dirty”, I”ll proclaim with undeserved bravado.

Got any tips to get motivated?

bigwords x