On the weekend my husband went bushwalking with some friends. This meant I was left at home with our three girls. Luckily I had the best croissants in the whole world to keep me going.

The weather was delicious so we spent much of it outside – me in a chair barking at them to stop pushing each other off the top of the slide and them pushing each other off the top of the slide.

When everyone got bored of that, I did what any parent does when they want their kids to sit still for 10 minutes – I painted their nails. What? I can hear you say.

Well, we have a deal that if I paint their fingernails they have to sit like statues for at least five minutes, until the nail polish dries. And they do, which is amazing to even me. And because of this, I paint their nails often.

Then Miss 5 declared she must cut her Barbie’s hair. Images of my own Barbie with a crew cut came flooding back to me. I told her that Barbie’s hair would not grow back. I also informed her that she was not a qualified hairdresser and I was not an apprentice, therefore I was not too keen on sweeping up synthetic Barbie hair off my kitchen floor. She of course, knew better because she is five and all. She learned a lesson. Mum was right. Although we all agreed Barbie looked more fashion forward with a faux mohawk.

And before I could say: “Hurry on home husband I am going out of my mind”, he walked, albeit a little like a tin soldier (he hasn’t walked up and down hills in awhile), back inside the front door.

The girls gave him a gentle, welcome back cuddle.

Did you cut your Barbie’s hair when you were a kid?

bigwords x