Our middle girl is four today. Four, I tell you. FOUR.

She had a birthday party yesterday, as it’s tricky sharing birthdays with Father’s Day. It was the first day of Spring and the weather was sensational – which was conducive to sitting in the backyard drinking Corona. Perfect for a little party.

By little, I mean she had two girlfriends over, her sisters and her Grandma. That’s all she wanted. And by “wanted” and “birthday party”, I mean she met her friends at Big W.

For those who do not know, Big W, is a discount store. It is her favourite place in the world. So we took the five girls to Big W and instead of party bags they could each spend $10 on a toy. Seriously, I don’t know what we were thinking, but Miss 4 is such a gentle soul and never asks for much and we wanted her to have a moment which was all her own.

Many girls. Many tiny toys.

She also asked for a piñata, birthday whistles and as much cake as one child could possibly consume. Her wishes were granted.

Ah, birthdays – what joys they are.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl xx

And Happy Father’s Day Twiggy – you are a RAD DAD xx

Have you ever had any strange birthday requests?

bigwords x