Holidays are the best, don’t you think?! We recently returned from a week at Streaky Bay (a coastal town on the western side of the Eyre Peninsula, in South Australia). It’s about an eight hour drive from Adelaide, but with three children in the car it felt like about four days. The threat of a visit to the shark cage did wonders to keep the peace though.

On the way there, we thought it would be fun to break up the trip with a ferry ride. The kids loved it for the first hour. It wasn’t as relaxing for my husband and I. In this photo I believe Twiggy is screaming: “Get me the fuck out of here”.

And then there was the “dark hour”. First, Miss E muttered: “I need to go to the toilet”. I rushed her to the other end of the ferry and as we stepped through the toilet door she projectile vomited everywhere. I cleaned it, and her, up and sat her in a seat by herself while I ran back to collect the rest of the family. There, I found Brett cupping handfuls of Miss H’s vomit. At this stage I started laughing, while quietly willing our entire family to be sucked up into the time machine vortex. We didn’t. Let’s just say the following the six hour drive to our destination, smelling a vague waft of vomit, was bliss compared to the last hour on that ferrry.

When we arrived at our caravan park, we celebrated by sampling some of the local cuisine.

I can honestly say I will never be stupid enough to order food from a caravan park again. To be fair, we also ate some of the most amazing seafood at a local farmer’s market and the bakery was fabulous.

It was all worth it for this moment.
After an amazing holiday in one of the most stunning places in Australia we opted to drive the entire way home. No more ferries for us. We even stopped to take a holiday snap out of the car window from the Port Augusta petrol station.

And we couldn’t pass up a photo at Kimba’s Big Galah. The last time we were there we had no children. Man, how holiday’s have changed.

Have you taken a holiday lately? Have you got a horror holiday story? Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

I’d love to hear your story,
bigwords x