When you put on weight quickly it’s often tricky to find something to wear. I’ve donated most of my “fat” clothes, but recently I’ve needed them again. It’s the story of life.

So, when I was asked to attend a fashion show I spent far too much time perusing my severely lacking wardrobe. Clothes that fit me a few months ago, no longer sit well on my rotund belly. I’ve started wearing a dress I wore when pregnant with each of my girls. Bad news.

Finally, I settled on this outfit.

I felt good… until my 5yo saw me and exclaimed: “Mum, where did you get your cow outfit from?”

OMG. Later, she qualified her statement by declaring I looked like a “very pretty cow”.

Luckily, I knew what she meant and in no way was she commenting on my weight, but far out kids can crush you in seconds. They can also pump you up in seconds.

Anyway, I left the house giggling about my fashion forward bovine outfit and met my fabulous friend at Barkins to celebrate the opening of its James Place store.

Let’s just say I stashed some goodies in that bag.

 (This pic was taken before I went in for seconds)

After about 450 champagnes we decided that we were in fact the best dressed in the room. And I’m not sure if it was the booze talking, but my mate agreed to me publishing a photo of us on my blog.

Oh wait, that was us on another night. Here we are looking smokin’ hot.

We need to go to more fashion shows, seeing that we are now officially fashionistas.

Would you have spent more time at the lolly bar or the actual bar?

bigwords x