After last week’s ambulance adventure, my husband and I decided we were due for a family day. Twiggy had his heart set on a drive to the beach, so much so that when we woke up on said “family drive day” and it was windy, raining and Miss 3 had a fever – we still got in the car and headed off.

First stop was the Willunga Bakery, for potato pies. This didn’t sit too well with Miss 3 who promptly vomited in her car seat. So, we cleaned her up and set off to the beach. Nothing was going to stop “family drive day”.

Once there, the 1yo, 3yo and I didn’t even get out of the car. We thought it best we eat chocolate donuts, and poke our heads through the sun roof instead.

The sand was blowing down the beach with such force it was actually a little scary, not that it stopped Twiggy who insisted it would be ok.

This is Miss 4 nearly blowing away in the wind.

And this is my husband. If he had hair, it would be blowing in the breeze.

Once it become pretty fucking obvious the beach was not the best place for us, we decided to head-off. I was most excited as I truly despise sand. Hate the stuff.

But “family drive day” hell escalated when the kids started fighting in the back seat and when they got bored of that they turned on us. “This is so boring,” screamed Miss 4. “Aren’t you meant to actually go somewhere when you go for a drive. I want to go somewhere fun”. Miss 3 yelled out: “Why are we just going around in circles?”.

Imagine how excited they were when we went to the tree nursery! So very, very excited. It was actually a pretty fun day – we all laughed a lot, mostly at each other, but we laughed, which was very much needed.

On another note, I’ve had so many people ask how Miss 4 is since her convulsion. We are still waiting to get some tests done, but as it stands today she is happy and healthy. We have no idea what happened, except it was terrifying. We are hoping it was a one-off. We are so grateful to all the wonderful people around us who have been so kind over the past week. And we are also thankful to these fine fellow who bring smiles to kids in hospital every day.

Thanks to everyone for being so damn amazing xx