Recently, we had some guests over who hadn’t seen our girls for awhile. With them they had a gift for Miss 3 – it was a fairy costume. We smiled – oh, how sweet. Inside we were shouting: “Enough with the fairy costumes already”. When you have three girls you have enough fairy costumes to keep a small country of fairies clothed for a year. Miss 3 pushed it aside and went for the chocolate instead.

Miss 4, jumped at the chance for some attention and put it on, along with a silver crown and some plastic high heels. “Quick, get photos of her,” the people squealed. “Oh, look how pretty she is. Smile, smile, stand there, no over there, smile again. How sweet.”

Miss 4 paraded for the photos and then, when bored, she ripped the costume off and went in search of some sucker to push her on the swing.

Later, Miss 4 returned, this time dressed in a vet outfit. She waited for the obligatory “ooohhs” and “aaahhs” but she got no response. She left and returned in a doctors outfit. Still nothing. In fact, there was an eye roll exchanged. I explained how Miss 4 had expressed interest in wanting to be a “pet doctor” and how excited we were when we found the costume. Silence.

Miss 4 went off to fix her pet menagerie – they had all fallen ill with a mysterious illness. I wonder if it was a case of stereotypis. You know, when girls are only worthy when they are being pretty and are seen as obnoxious when they have ambition for more than just damn fairy costumes.

Do you encounter stereotypis in your house?

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