Phew, what a crazy, busy few days we’ve had. First, it was our middle girl’s 3rd birthday. We took her to the Royal Adelaide Show so she could eat her weight in sugar, followed a lovely day with much-loved friends and family sitting in the sunshine. She was beaming the whole day – it made my heart sing.

And today it is double celebration – Father’s Day and my birthday. I wrote this (10 Things I’ve Learned About Dads) for Twiggy as he is an amazing Dad. I don’t know my own Dad, so Twiggy’s well aware of the irony of having to share my birthday with Father’s Day. So, this morning, because I am super wonderful, I have been up with the baby since 5.30am and have done the whole breakfast-in-bed thing for him.

But I can only share for so long and have since transformed into the Birthday Princess. Look at what my gorgeous Hubby got me for my birthday…

… a lime tree, a bottle of gin, tonic, fresh limes, smoked almonds, chocolate and cash to go shopping. He really does rock. What a cool person to share a celebration with.

To everyone out there struggling on Father’s Day for whatever reason; hug your kids, call a friend and make a day of it. Celebrate for the sake of smiling. Big love x